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DDI International, Inc.


DDI International offers inspection training classes to companies utilizing Topside inspectors, divers, ROV’s, WASP or combinations of these resources, to perform underwater inspections.

DDI instructors are well trained, and highly competent professionals dedicated to assisting our clients in training inspection personnel to properly and confidently perform all levels of inspection disciplines, regardless of the environment, and or location of the particular inspection project.

Classes offered by DDI are complete with orientation regarding the purpose and scope of each inspection discipline, proper methods of articulating subjective observations to the data recorder, and the nature and type of information required for the completion of top quality reports .

All information and training provided in the classes is pursuant to the API-RP-2A, in compliance with and observance of all mandates, rules and regulations as set forth by the MMS (Mineral Management Service), OPS ( Office of Pipeline Safety), and the Department of the interior as codified under subpart I in 30 CFR 250.900 ( General requirements) 30 CFR 250.902 (Platform verification program) 30 CFR 250.911 (Inspection during construction) 30 CFR 250.912 (Periodic inspection and maintenance of offshore structures) and 30 CFR 250.913 (Platform removal and location clearance).

The MMS is the controlling authority and enforcement arm of the Federal government of all leases on the outer continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, the east and west coast of the United States, and for the Alaska regions. Therefore, DDI will only provide instruction regarding offshore and onshore structures that will enhance and assist our client’s abilities to perform inspections that are in compliance with the directives and mandates as set forth above. In the event that a given inspection project will be conducted in state waters, and or in regions under the authority of the Railroad commission, DDI will tailor the classes to meet the particular needs of our clients in regard to the appropriate governing authorities for the specific region. All classes include but are not limited to:

  • Proper photography of structures prior to, or at the conclusion of an inspection for purposes of structure identification, and to ensure inclusion of the photos into the final report.
  • Proper and appropriate terminology for structures and components that are common and accepted by the MMS, API and throughout the industry.
  • Common and new methods of inspection approved by the MMS and accepted throughout the industry. This will include introductions to new and innovative technology as it becomes available, or that may assist the inspector in the performance of his job.
  • A complete and thorough explanation of the surveys that must occur during each level of inspection, above or below water.
  • A complete and thorough explanation and discussion of each inspection activity that must occur during each specific survey, mandated by the level of inspection requested by the client.
  • The mandatory content of an inspection report from the prospective of both the inspector and the technician.
  • The industry and MMS accepted method of numbering Nodes, Welds and components. This will include proper identification of the welds photographed during Close visual inspections of any component, above or below water.
  • The accepted methods of documenting damage found during any inspection, and the mandatory information, drawings, photographs and video recordings that must accompany any description of damage.
  • The common and industry accepted methods of properly preparing video logs, inspection summaries, and other mandatory documentation that may be required during an inspection.
Classes are available upon request, and will be offered at the DDI office, or at a location provided by the client upon agreement and approval by DDI management.


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