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DDI International, Inc.



All of DDI International, Inc. equipment is up to today's standards and calibrated annually according to manufacturers recommendations ASME section 5/SNT-TC-1A.

All inspector certifications are kept current with industry standards.


DDI has established an impeccable safety record spanning decades. Safety is of utmost importance to all DDI inspectors. We protect our safety record through a strict, zero tolerance policy regarding company policies and procedures, substance abuse testing, and ongoing safety training programs to maintain awareness of the inherent safety hazards regularly encountered on a daily basis. All DDI inspectors are Safe Gulf, HEWT, and TWIC certified. DDI will provide other specific certifications that may be required by our clients.

The Safety program within the operations of DDI International, Inc. is not a company goal it’s a requirement. To this end, all safety policy and procedures will govern all operations of DDI International, Inc.

It is a condition of DDI International, Inc. that all inspectors must follow the safety requirements, rules, instructions and procedures contained in our policy and procedures.

Safety should never be sacrificed for production. It must be an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. Every inspector will be held accountable for the safety performance demonstrated in his or her inspection performance.

Our policy is to accomplish work in the safest possible manner, consistent with good work practices. Management at every level is charged with the task of translating this policy into positive actions.

DDI International, Inc. has a written safety policy and procedures manual and requires our inspectors to have read and enforce all safety procedures developed by the company.

DDI International, Inc. requires regular safety training meetings by the safety personnel.

All of our employees carry the certifications of SafeGulf, HEWT Training and TWIC.



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