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DDI International, Inc.


The main objective of DDI International, Inc., in our effort to be a solutions company is to provide expertise, experience and state of the art inspection technology that will assist in cost savings to our client’s bottom line in their day-to-day operations.

DDI International, Inc. has designed the corrosion management, mitigation and reporting program to coincide with the schedule for various levels of inspection as set forth in the API and MMS.

The Software Platform used in the corrosion management inspection program is the IDPS reporting and our web based IDPS Global Logistics Management systems that were designed as an inspection program capable of providing speed and accuracy in inspection data reporting and report delivery. DDI custom designs inspection templates in our software, working with our clients in development, so that it will fit the need of any type of inspection protocol critical in our clients operation. This proprietary software is a secure web based program designed for viewing, data management with query and updating features interactive with client access and management that is maintained long term by DDI International, Inc.

Corrosion Management Client Options

1. Perform a complete corrosion above water line topside inspection on the primary and priority assets, following the procedures in the “Corrosion Management, Mitigation and Inspection” guidelines book, using rope access teams. This will allow us to inspect the platforms in hard to reach areas and secure a complete database as outlined in the guideline book for use with on-going inspections and repair orders in the future. DDI would also like to obtain images or drawings currently available for each platform in order to create additional databases in-house before the actual inspections are to start or

2. Client’s Management will review the “Corrosion Management, Mitigation and Inspection” guidelines book and determine the areas to be inspected or

3. Establish a database of existing and/or prior inspections and create a database for inspections.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate live in the clients office the abilities of the IDPS inspection software and present the "Corrosion Management, Mitigation and Inspection" procedures manual and Corrosion Management Program.

Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring and Inspection

Types of applications

  • Offshore structures-All types
  • Oil & Natural Gas Pipelines-Offshore and onshore
  • Refinery pipelines, tanks, storage vessels, components
  • Mining Facilities, transmission lines, slurry lines, processing equipment
  • Water & Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Platform, Rig, & FPSO Coating and structural Integrity inspection
  • Corrosion Coupon Installation, Monitoring & Analysis
  • Cathodic Potential and Protection monitoring and analysis
  • Data Collection, Processing and Reporting



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