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DDI International, Inc.


DDI International, Inc. commitment to our clients is to provide the highest quality of inspections, data processing/management, all NDT Disciplines and inspection reporting while being proactive in providing a high quality product for our clients.

DDI International, Inc. honors this unique obligation by continually enforcing a two-part policy:

(A) To ensure the highest standards of quality and professionalism, DDI will only allow those personnel fully certified and qualified in the specific inspection discipline to participate in our customers projects.

(B) To continually strive to meet the everyday needs of our customers by designing user friendly, fully functional inspection and reporting programs, through a disciplined process and technique, for each reasonable and specific request from our clients.

This policy, combined with the unique capability to instantaneously generate complete inspection reports on request, will continue to ensure that DDI provides a top quality product consistently.

The inspection services currently provided by DDI International are classified in five (5) specific categories; Data Recording, NDT, Pipeline inspections, Rope Access inspections and Visual Inspections. DDI inspection services are provided both onshore and offshore environments, domestically and internationally. Each specific service has many subcategories of inspection disciplines.

DDI will provide all inspection services on call-out or contractual basis with binding agreement or MSA.

  Aerial Tramway   Airport Runways
  Air Traffic Control Towers   Amusement Park Rides
  Bridges and Roadway   Chemical Plants
  Commercial Chimneys   Cooling Towers
  Cranes   Dams
  Docks (Water Terminal)   Domed Structures
  Electrical Towers   Hydro Electric
  Lighthouses   Observation Towers
  Offshore Platforms   Pipelines
  Radio Towers   Ship (Hull and Propeller)
  Television Towers   Water Towers
  Wind Turbine Generators  



DDI International, Inc. 20333 State Hwy 249, Ste. 460 Houston, Texas 77070 - Contact: Scott Howell 281-236-5639

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